Pride Box

Pride Box

Box full of erotic accessoires and exhilarating assignments

Enjoy erotic toys, the best lubricant and exhilarating assignments that will make you discover your most secret wishes and fantasies together.

€ 149,00
Box full of accessoires & exhilarating assignments
  • Enrich your relation with erotic accessoires, exhilarating assignments and a wink of humor. The storage box contains a vibrating cockring, lubricant, massage oil, black massage bath duck, luxury men vibrator traditional, luxury men vibrator-plus new style, black satin bondage or blindfold, satin bag, secret assignments.

    • a vibrating cockring,
    • 210th lubricant, 
    • sample massage oil, 
    • black massage bath duck, 
    • luxury men vibrator traditional, 
    • luxury men vibrator-plus new style, 
    • black satin bondage or blindfold, 
    • satin bag, 
    • secret assignments
    • a beautiful storage box.
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